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DaveBrooks-250x150Dave Brooks

“The three years I spent with Civic Helicopters provided an excellent foundation for my career as a helicopter pilot. As a student, I achieved my goal of completing my Private, Commercial, Instrument and CFI ratings in 6 months.”

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ShaunCarhart-250x150Shaun Carhart

“I attended Civic Helicopters from January 2005 to December 2005 as a student and was fortunate to begin work there the very next month. I now work for PHI Inc.”

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NicHighfill-250x150Nic Highfill

“In late 2003 I started toying with the idea of becoming a helicopter pilot. After several months of research on my options in terms of different flight schools, I had decided Civic Helicopters was the place to be.”

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SebastianCarter-250x150Sebastian Carter

“I graduated from Civic Helicopters in April 2007 and immediately started instructing. I instructed from April 2007 to May 2008. I then went to work in Alaska for a season for NorthStar Trekking in 2008 flying an AS350B2 flying tourists to the glacier for trekking expeditions as a Line Pilot.”

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VinnieMastropieri-250x150Vinnie Mastropieri

“I started training at Civic from June 2005 and became a CFI in April 2006. Before the ink was dry on my flight instructor certificate, Chin offered me a job to work at Civic where I started Private and Commercial instruction.”

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Kane_ThumbnailChristian Kane

“I started Training at Civic Helicopters in Jan 2006 for my Commercial/Instrument training. I was happy to see the student to Instructor ratio was low which enabled me more one-one training.”

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Murakoshi_1Krisi Murakoshi

“I attended Civic Helicopters in 2005. From the moment I walked through the hangar doors, I knew Civic was the school for me. The staff was friendly and everyone was very knowledgeable. I was comfortable there from day one. Throughout my training, I was placed with top notch instructors and the helicopters all had great maintenance.”

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Mark Schlaefli

“My adventure began in January of 2007 after a nationwide search for a flight school ended with the selection of Civic Helicopters in Carlsbad California. Visits were made to flight schools as far away as Florida & Louisiana, but Civic Helicopters stood out for several reasons.”

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