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Krisi Murakoshi


Murakoshi_2In her own words “I attended Civic Helicopters in 2005. From the moment I walked through the hangar doors, I knew Civic was the school for me. The staff was friendly and everyone was very knowledgeable. I was comfortable there from day one. Throughout my training, I was placed with top notch instructors and the helicopters all had great maintenance. I went from zero hours to becoming a CFI in 10 months. Afterwards, I worked at Civic as a flight instructor, then moved onto flying an R44 for the news in Washington DC. I was only there for a short time before I got an opportunity to fly offshore at PHI, in the Gulf of Mexico. I stayed at PHI for four years and was transitioned through the EC 135, S-76 A++, C+, C++, and S-92. Being the curious person that I am, I decided to leave the gulf and try something new. I am now flyinMurakoshi_3g a Bell 430 for a charter company in the Northeast. We fly predominantly in the New York City area and make daily trips out to the Hamptons. 


I have enjoyed my life as a helicopter pilot, as it has given me ample time to travel as much as I could afford. For me, that is the greatest perk to being a pilot. We have lots of free time to explore. I would highly recommend Civic Helicopters to anyone who is interested in becoming a helicopter pilot. Palomar Airport is a great place to learn to fly. The weather is fantastic and the scenery is amazing. In fact, I haven’t flown anywhere that beautiful since I left. For anyone reading this who is interested in becoming a pilot, I wish you the best of luck in your journey. I can guarantee that it will be one filled with lots of adventures.”

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