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Vinnie Mastropieri

In his own words: “I started training at Civic from June 2005 and became a CFI in April 2006.  Before the ink was dry on my flight instructor certificate, Chin offered me a job to work at Civic where I started Private and Commercial instruction.  Shortly after, I obtained the CFII in June 2006 and started instrument instruction; and was building flight time on average of about 100 hours per month.


In May of 2007, PHI hired me as an Oil and Gas Pool Pilot to fly Bell 206 LongRangers in the Gulf of Mexico.  Six months later in November 2007 I upgraded to the Sikorsky S76 as First Officer.

April 2008 I started flying EMS in New Orleans as well as Medevac for Oil and Gas with PHI Air Medical.  September 2008 I left the Gulf and transferred to Wisconsin flying an EC135, Single Pilot IFR, with Night Vision Goggles for a Level II Trauma Center.  January 2009 I was promoted to Lead Pilot for the Wisconsin base where I currently reside.

VinnieMastropieri003-230x172When I was shopping for helicopter flight schools I chose Civic because they were the only one with a Hughes 269C trainer, in addition to the noticeably friendly staff.  From my first intro flight to my CFI checkride, the flight instructors were knowledgeable and approachable, the atmosphere was comfortable for a learning environment and the maintenance was impeccable.

Being an instructor myself at Civic, I took great pride in the company and enjoyed working with fellow coworkers as well as the students. I owe my unprecedented advancement in my helicopter career to Civic Helicopters.”

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