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Civic is a self contained environment where everything a student needs to complete their training is provided. We are a manufacturer certified service center and parts distributor for all the helicopters we operate and train in and we own the aircraft we operate in, thus our aircraft are exceptionally well maintained and we have consistent and reliable access to training aircraft. We fuel our own helicopters; thus a student will not need to leave Civic to get fuel. Our instructors provide training for a full spectrum of ratings including Private, Commercial, CFI(I), Instrument, and ATP as well as external lift and turbine transition training. We also have a computer testing facility on site to provide written exams. In addition, our administrative staff provides assistance in everything from finding living accommodations to financing support.

Why should you train at Civic, given the various options out there? Find out more about our fleet and the type of pilot who chooses Civic over larger operations or cheaper options.


  • Beginners
    Interested in flying helicopters but don’t know where to start? Find everything you need to earn your Private Pilot License from FAA training requirements to program costs here.
  • Licensed Pilots
    Licensed pilot going for your Commercial or CFI ratings? Interested in other advanced training such as your ATP or CFII? Start here.
  • Turbine Training
    Do you need to build some turbine time or want to round out your résumé with some external load or “Bambi Bucket” training?