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Training pilots safely and successfully for over 25 years.

We provide training in the Bell Jet Ranger 206BIII and the MD500, the two most common light turbines being used. Both are in common use by law enforcement, Part 135 (Air Taxi) Operators, and Tour Operators. They are also very popular for Electronic News Gathering (ENG) work and light industrial work. Our Turbine Transition Course provides a solid foundation for expanding your skill set into turbine helicopters, which is largely becoming a prerequisite for much of the commercial work mentioned above.

You may ask, is this for real? Absolutely. It was done in order to renew the Part 133 Certificate. We had to lift something that weighed approximately 1000 lbs. One guess as to what fit the bill…

Turbine Transition – Bell Jet Ranger 206B III

5 hrs. Dual @ $1075.00 = $5,375
10 hrs. Ground School @ $45.00 = $450
Transition Manual = $80
TOTAL = $5,905
Emergency Training $1,250

R22long2Why Civic Helicopters?

Benefits of having a good instructor

  • One of the only flight schools to offer external lift training — many pilots end up just ‘learning on the job’ and they don’t get the benefit of a good instructor or time to actually learn
  • Learn about proper technique and precautions to utilize the full life of components
    • Turbine parts are expensive, lack of care could make helicopter components that much worse for the wear, we teach you how to prevent premature component wear
  • We often train law enforcement pilots such as the San Diego Police Department in both turbine transitions and recurrency checks
  • We have been all around the states in these helicopters and have experience in them across a wide range of environments

Flightwise ChartFlightwise Charts

IFR Low Altitude Enroute Charts and Sectional Charts.
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