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Finding the perfect helicopter for unique experiences

We help our clients find the perfect helicopter for their needs. We are not brokers, whose main purpose is to turn over as many aircraft as possible. We only deal with helicopters we would buy for ourselves, and we will be around when a client requires customer support on the helicopter. As a school with many flight professionals and a manufacturer authorized customer service facility, we are in a unique position to evaluate helicopters from all directions and provide our clients with the best fit for their needs.

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Find the Best Fit

  • We can help you find the ideal new or used aircraft to suit your needs.
    • As an authorized dealer, we offer competitive pricing in new helicopters, assistance in equipping the helicopter to meet your needs and continued maintenance support after acquisition. We also provide assistance in taking delivery of the helicopter at the factory and ferrying the helicopter.
    • As an authorized service center, we help our clients evaluate previously owned aircraft as well as provide inspection and repair services as needed. Previously owned aircraft can often be had at competitive prices with minimal repair work to be done. Our maintenance professionals extensive experience can help buyers come to a fair price.
  • As a training center, we also assist students in obtaining the flight hours some manufacturers require when individuals purchase helicopters for personal use. This also benefits the buyer/owner of the helicopter in decreased insurance costs.
  • We provide maintenance services for all the helicopters we sell. We will keep maintenance records and assist the owner in keeping the helicopter compliant with inspection and component replacement schedules, if the majority of the scheduled maintenance is done at our facility and/or the helicopter is hangared at our facility.

We are not just a helicopter broker, thus we are not interested in just selling you any helicopter. The purchase of a helicopter is a significant commitment of capital and we want to help our clients find the helicopter that is the best fit for their needs. Many of our clients are students who have completed their training at our flight school and have chosen to purchase helicopters for their own use. Some of these clients have gone on our Flights Around America in their own helicopters and have found the experience to be fun and rewarding.

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