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Unique Skills

An experienced and authoritative team of technicians

We have a highly qualified team of maintenance professionals on staff to meet your maintenance and repair needs. Our technicians have a diverse skill set that allows them to perform a variety of functions ranging from basic care and inspection to assisting various manufacturers in research and design testing and obtaining supplemental type certificates. Our professionals are often called upon to perform consultation work with regard to experimental and supplementary type certified helicopters.

Essential Services

We are an authorized service center for Bell, MD, Robinson and Schweizer. We perform all inspections and repairs on premises, as well as provide mechanics on a consultancy basis.

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Research Development

We are unique in our ability to provide support to companies performing R&D for their products; our team has years of experience assisting major manufacturers and independent engineers in developing and testing their products. We have helped many companies obtain their STC approvals for their products and know how to manage and provide support for R&D.

  • Tested and tracked Helicopter Technology Company’s (HTC) main and tail rotor blades for the MD500 — we proved these blades for their Supplemental Type Certificate (STC). We tested these blades under such a great variety of conditions that our mechanics and pilots have become quite exceptional at tracking blades correctly.
  • Tested Apical’s emergency pop-out floats for their Supplemental Type Certificate.
  • Flight tested Northrup Grumman’s unmanned Fire Scout helicopter and continue to provide mechanical support.

Other Testing

  • Expert Opinions — Our knowledge of helicopters allows us to test components after accidents and other incidents and provide evaluations of their performance for litigation purposes.
  • General Evaluations — pre-purchase inspection of pre-owned helicopters, end of lease inspections, contract service evaluations, etc.

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