The Domino Effect

Protection solutions that are effective, economical, and easy to implement.

Document Protection And Reliable Supply Chain

Whether custom designed or off the shelf we provide branded or clear quality protection for production travelers, machinery tag outs, safety directions, financial records, trust documents, wills, maps, RFID’s and thousands of other applications.

Our customer list ranges from Boeing, to agricultural suppliers, to airlines like Delta, to title companies to office supply stores like Office Depot.

Ensuring That You Always Have Stock

To ensure your stock levels, we can help to make sure you never run out of stock of any of our products.

Vertical Market Attention

All production is domestic but with our supply chain partners we have global reach. We have specialty items for the agricultural, aerospace, medical, airline and retail markets.

Custom Design

Our expert design and production staff moves quickly and can go from design to prototypes to full production in a week.

That is one of the advantages of our size small enough to move fast, large enough to have 11 machines and automated equipment with over 3000 dies in inventory.

In-Depth Distributor Support

We view our distributors as a key part of our valuable sales team We often drop ship for our distributors but when we do we blind ship to ensure that shipments don’t reveal who we are so we protect our distributors business.

We appreciate the long-term relationships that these distributors have developed with their clients and protect it. We would rather lose a deal than do an end run around a valued distributor. We want to preserve the trust we have built in long term relationships. Our distributors have a national presence and some focus on specific industries and local businesses.

Design Experience - Responsiveness

Our expert design and production staff move quickly to go from design to production in less than a week.

That is one of the advantages of our size; small enough to move nimbly and large enough to have dozens of machines and automated equipment with more than 3,000 dies in our inventory.

Capturing Your Vision - Expertise


Our expertise enables us to capture your vision and provide you with a custom sample, FOR FREE, within a few days.

Our team has the fastest design to full production capacity in the industry! We can scale for rapid response, we can schedule for predefined restocking schedules, and serve as your design team to win jobs.

Supply Chain Reliability - Scale


We work with marketing companies, product development departments, and Fortune 100 companies. This keeps us focused on applying what we know, continuing to develop new solutions, and keeping ahead of regulatory and material requirements. This enables us to keep pace or stay ahead of the dynamic pace of business.